How to Get Rid of In-App Purchases and Their Limitations?

Before we start to unlock the Android world for you, we have to fulfill the few pre-requirements, such as soft/hard brick, rooting, and buying paid apps for free. Using Lucky PatcherChelpus, you can hack payment methods for free.

About In-App Purchases

Some apps have features that you can use for free but others may want you to pay out of your pocket, such as NOVA Launcher. Some apps are available as trial for some days. So, you have to buy apps like Poweramp once trial period ended. This way, Lucky Patcher features a key to unlock premium features and add ons of your apps.

Hacking in-app Purchases

Before you start to hack your app, be sure to enable some switches. You need to go to Toolbox > Patch to Android and get the first two options checked.

Now click on Apply to reboot your device and configure all the required settings. Make sure not to backup with recovery or it may soft brick the device.

There are four different methods to hack in-app purchases –

  • Direct In-App Hack from the app
  • Using Lucky Patcher
  • Extend the first method
  • Custom patches

Direct Hack in Your App

  1. Launch Lucky Patcherapk to allow root access, if it is your first time.
  2. Close or minimize Lucky Patcher and open app that you want to hack
  3. Click on buy or anything in your app on the purchase section
  4. Now the window of Lucky Patcher will open in place of Google’s in-app purchase panel. In the window, you will find the option, “Do You Want to get this purchase for free”. Choose “Save Purchase for restore” and then click yes.
  5. Now you have hacked In-App Purchase successfully.

Using Lucky Patcher

  1. Launch Lucky Patcher and find the app that should be hacked
  2. If you find in-app purchases, it will show “in-app purchases found” message
  3. Press and hold on the app or just tap on it and “Open menu of patches”
  4. Choose “Support patch for in-app purchases and LVL emulation”
  5. Choose Apply and wait until the process is finished and reboot.

Extend Method One

  • Open Lucky Patcher and search Google Play store
  • Tap on the store and choose “Open Menu of Patches”
  • It will show a warning window “It is a system app”
  • Choose Yes
  • On “Custom Patch” choose “Support in-app” and then Apply.
  • Your device will reboot and you can use method one.

Custom Patches

These patches are made by programmers to hack in-app purchase. If you have programming skills, you can create custom patch yourself.

Applying custom patch in Lucky Patcher

  • Launch Lucky Patcher
  • Search for the app to apply custom patch
  • You will see the message “Custom Patch Available” if custom patch is offered
  • Now choose “Custom Patch” and then apply.
  • It generally takes few minutes, wait and open the app after it is finished. Reapply and reboot if it is not applied.

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