Top 5 Reasons why should you build your website on WordPress

Whether you are just getting your company started, and you’re still learning how to increase your online presence, or you’ve had a website for some time, and you just not pleased with it, you might have known of WordPress and may be wondering exactly what WordPress is. Well, let me help you here!

WordPress is a publishing platform used for building sites and blogs. It helps for an extremely customizable user interface. WordPress powers millions of sites worldwide, and several large brands use WordPress including, CNN, New York Times Blogs, People Magazine, and many others.

Reason 1: WordPress is not only for blogging

A very long time ago, when somebody said WordPress, everybody automatically thought of blogging. Although it’s still the best method to use for blogging, it’s come a very long way, and it has come to be an extremely comprehensive Content Management Suite utilized to power several distinct types of sites, including company websites, job boards, websites containing classified advertisements, etc.

Reason 2: WordPress is Flexible

A terrific thing about WordPress is, as I mentioned previously, that it is an entirely open source – meaning that the source code used to operate WordPress is available to the general public. It follows anyone on earth can alter the code if needed and also personalize WordPress even further to be exactly what they require. Many times, this is not mandatory, but also, it suggests that any themes and plugins made for the stage are also open sources! Envision a global community working together to add additional functionality and features to WordPress – you are not restricted to only having the ability to use individual employees or developers to create customizations, which means it is a reliable CMS system prepared to do everything you want it to, it is flexible and simple to customize.

Reason 3: WordPress has affordable Premium Themes

Themes are what supply WordPress its design; it is what links the CMS into the end user. WordPress is quite flexible and adaptable. When there are some fairly good free themes, I’ve discovered that for 70 dollars the fantastic premium themes are just worth every penny. Most need virtually no personalization!

Reason 4: WordPress is SEO friendly

Search engines like Google love WordPress as it uses well-written code. If you are searching a head start with Search Engine Optimization, WordPress is the thing to do to your site and blog. While I’m on this subject, adding new relevant content to your site is simple with WordPress and highly recommended as a part of your online advertising strategy as it tells search engines that your website is active.

Reason 5: Global community supports WordPress

Since WordPress is open source, there’s thousands and thousands of individuals who are working to help make it simpler. There are WordPress includes a very actively supported global network of WordPress developers, and users! WordPress is frequently updated, with new functionality, bug fixes, and security fixes.

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